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Our Story

The presence of Redmond's bookstore has always been a testament to the community's dedication to literature. The store originally opened in 2007 as a second Paulina Springs Books location. Brad Smith, who had owned Paulina Springs Books in Sisters (established in 1992) since 2003, joined forces with his sister, Cynthia Claridge, to bring the richness of a community bookstore to Redmond. Unfortunately, the opening of the store aligned with the cusp of the financial crisis, as well as the boom in digital readership. It was a harsh time for small businesses, particularly for independent bookstores. However, the readers of Redmond were committed to their bookstore. At a time when many long-standing businesses were closing their doors, the community kept Paulina Springs Books afloat.

For eight years, the bookstore served the Redmond community with Brad and Cynthia at the helm. A diverse inventory of books, toys and games made the store a popular downtown shopping destination, and authors from all over the country were brought in for events. Partnerships with educational facilities, donations and community sponsorships made Paulina Springs Books a true neighbor to its patrons.

A page turned in 2015, when changes to Brad's health necessitated the passing on of the Redmond bookstore. He and Cynthia began the search for someone who would share their sense of civic duty and their passion for the literary community. After several months, they found that person in Kaci Aslamov. 

Kaci-- a Central Oregon native with a rich background in cultural arts-- seemed like a natural choice for the store's new owner, but there was a snag. Because the financial bookkeeping for the two Paulina Springs Books locations had been recorded as a single company, the banks were unable to provide a business loan. 

In November of 2015, Kaci launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the rest of the money needed to acquire the Redmond store. The community rallied to save their bookstore. Over the campaign's month-long run, 110 donations were received, ranging from five to 1000 dollars a piece.

Kaci Aslamov took ownership of the bookstore on December 1, 2015 and it was rebranded as Herringbone Books.

Downtown Redmond is growing, with new shops and restaurants opening their doors all the time. Herringbone Books continues to be an integral and grateful part of that community, as a source for books, toys and games, as well as a host for events and workshops.