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Toys & Games

We're proud to offer a growing selection of toys and games. Just like with books, each toy or game purchase is recorded by our rewards system and builds up toward a store credit. From soft toys for infants, to tabletop games for adults, we offer something for everyone. Here are just some of the lines we offer.

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is a company that began operations from a garage, but has hugely expanded in the last few decades. They offer classic-style toys that encourage hands-on and creative play. They also produce top of the line arts and crafts supplies tha will bring out your child's inner artist. 




Board Games

From classics like chess and backgammon, to popular table top games such as Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne, we carry a large variety of board games. Come check out the largest selection of table top and strategy games in Redmond!


Blue Orange Games

Particularly great from the younger set, Blue Orange Games offers a variety of award-winning games such as Spot It and Yamslam. We also have a plethora of their strategy card games, which are fun for the whole family.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Where’s Waldo? books. Martin Handford’s collections of crowd scenes swept the world in the late eighties, and since then have held a cherished spot on bookstore shelves the world over. There are now over 67 million Waldo books in print worldwide, and they’ve been translated into over thirty languages. An entire generation has grown up searching for Waldo and his cast of wandering companions.

To celebrate such a special milestone, Waldo, Waldo’s friend Wenda, and his trusty dog Woof will all be hiding in Herringbone Books for the entire month of July! Find all three characters to be entered into a grand-prize drawing that will take place during our Waldo party July 29th, with the top prize being a six-volume deluxe set of Waldo books!